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Below, you will find tips and hints to help you host your own Curlers Care 2-4 Support Our Troops Bonspiel.
We are also happy to provide personalized support and guidance, to ensure your event is a SUCCESS! Just contact us.

Form a Committee

Form a Committee:

A dedicated team of organizers is essential to a successful Curlers Care 2-4 Support Our Troops Bonspiel. The enthusiasm and motivation of committed leaders is contagious!


Publicize to Members and Non-members:

Spread the word through:

•  Posters – sent to curling clubs, military bases and other interested organizations (sample)
•  Brochures – sent as a follow-up or alternate promotion (
•  Invitations – sent to club members
•  Entry forms – sent to any person or company who indicated an interest in the bonspiel (

Make copies of entry forms and pledge sheets available online. Contact us to have your own page on this site.

Team Participation:

Team Participation

The recommended format calls for pools of eight teams each.
We recommend that entry forms include the draw times and ask teams to provide the name of their team.



The focus of the event is to raise money for the Military Family Resource Centres. This can be achieved many ways, including:

•  No entry fee, but minimum pledge requirement
•  Higher entry fee, with proceeds going to the Fund
•  Encourage pledge collecting by offering incentives/prizes for top fundraisers
•  Sponsorships (promotional materials, meals, pools)
•  Silent Auction
•  Donations

Create Pools

Create Pools:

Arrange each pool to comprise eight teams. Pools can be colour-coded to make it easier for keeping pools and times straight. Organizers may also consider creating team name cards, posted on matching coloured poster paper, for placement above or near each sheet of ice.


Opening Ceremonies:

Opening Ceremonies

A sample Schedule of Events:

•  Teams are piped in by a piper.
•  Following them in the parade are a Colour Party, visiting members of the Canadian Forces, veterans, members of the local Air Cadet Squadron, sponsor representatives, and other guests.
•  A Toast to the Piper.
•  Singing of O’ Canada.
•  Special tribute from a padre.
•  Greetings/statement from a representative from the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services or appropriate dignitary 
•  The throwing of the ceremonial first rock.



During a multi-day bonspiel, offered dining may include:

•  A beer and wings night, or other pre-event social.
•  A lunch during the event (e.g. after the opening ceremonies).
•  A dinner, closing ceremonies and presentations after completion of curling

Meals may be offered for a fee, or free of charge, or in combination (e.g. free for participants and veterans, but charge for guests). Sponsors may be solicited to defray meal costs.



Arrange each pool to be comprised of eight teams, with all eight teams competing within their pool in a four-event system.
If teams lose their second game, they can continue to play until the Finals.
Each pool can have a sponsor, which is recognized with a logo on schedules, posters, etc. Pool sponsors may also cover the cost of the winning teams’ shirts, embroidered with the Curlers Care logo.
At the end of the pool competition, each pool’s winning team returns to the ice for a Draw to the Button (points awarded to each team member based on how close they are to the pin) for the right to be proclaimed Champions of the 2-4 Bonspiel.

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